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Our Convokins® were featured as a must have product in 2021. Check out what Black Enterprise had to say about our innovation. Listed at #6.

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Podcast - Making Room: Inter-Racial Hospitality

Episode Description

I have the honor of introducing you to my new friends from Cotier Brand, Amber & Marx Succes. Since childhood they both had a yearning for, and deep understanding of the value of hospitality. Through their relationship they realized that culture needed more tools to help lead to meaningful gatherings. Together they have launched a brand with products to help give hosts confidence, and to promote intentional dialogue with beauty and ease. In addition to diving into the heartbeat of their brand we also discuss how inter-racial hospitality is the key to healing, unity and moving forward as a nation! I am so thankful for their vulnerability, truth, grace and space for navigating this conversation. As always here at Making Room, we want to make space for difficult topics. This conversation is not exempt from that. We hope that through this incredible dialogue you feel empowered and hold deeper understanding.

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Podcast - Conversations with the Hostess: Episode 9 - The Importance of Having a Party Activity

Episode Description

It was so fun talking about how important it is to include a party activity.  They help to make your party flow and create a connection amongst your guests.  I’ll admit I’m not the greatest at party activities.  I learned so much from our conversation.


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